S-power Professional LCD Automatic Hair Curler Review

S-power Professional LCD Automatic Hair Curler

  • LCD display, simple and convenient operation.
  • A variety of timer settings, different curling effect.
  • A plurality of set temperature, 140℃ to 230℃ temperature adjustable, powerful heating, system ready to use in seconds with ultra -fast heat recovery.
  • Settings for curl direction (right/left/auto) – You can choose auto curl direction by twisting your hair inward or outward.
  • Be aware not to put too much hair into the curler each time, or else your hair may be stuck. If your hair is stuck in the right direction, try to loosen it by pulling the opposite direction, vice vera.



The Professional LCD Automatic Hair Curler will create many different curl effects in the hair . It is easy to experiment with the different settings to achieve the desired results. 

Always ensure that the hair is clean, dry and combed through and that the sections you want to curl are no bigger than 3 cm wide. The type of curl will depend on the temperature selected, and the timer setting which dictates the amount of time the hair is kept inside the curl chamber. 


A plurality of selecting the temperature, 140℃-230℃. We recommend that you always from the lowest temperature Setting and increased heat level requirement. 

You can choose 140℃-230℃ temperature according to different hair.


1. Ensure hair is dry and combed through

2. Plug the styler into a suitable mains socket

3. Slid the temperature switch to the required heat setting

4. The styler is ready for use when the on indicator light has stopped flashing

5. There are multiple timer settings. Select the desired style time setting. 

6. Select the curl direction by sliding the control to either position “L”, “R” or “A”. 

7. Separate a section of hair that is no bigger than 3 cm (Diagram A). Ensure that the section is clean, dry and combed through. 

8. Please note the styler must be positioned in to the hair with the open part of the curl chamber facing toward s the head. 

9. Position the styler where you want the curl to start. The hair section must be held straight. And placed neatly through the center of the styler

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